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Nobody likes surveys. Give your employees a voice.

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Culture through conversation

You don't want to make another boring form. And your employees don't want to answer one. Understand employee engagement in real time through our two-way conversational AI.


Don't settle for long, annual surveys. Our platform learns when to ask and how to ask, meaning you get the insights you want.

Real time

Don't waste time designing long surveys. Send questions and get responses in seconds, not weeks.


Your employees want to be heard. One-way channels like forms or surveys aren't cutting it. Build psychological safety through two-way communication.

There's a better way to ask

Nobody likes forms. Annual surveys are boring and too long. Pulse surveys don't give you the data you need. Our conversational platform talks to your employees in their language to help give you richer insights in a frictionless way.

One dashboard for employee wellness.

We give managers and HR one simple dashboard to view employee engagement and wellness in real time.

Employee feedback
Sentiment analytics
Hybrid working insights

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Culture & the Future of Work
Culture & the Future of Work
November 15, 2021

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